Daily Archives: December 27, 2008

Panasonic LX3

I have treated myself to a new camera this Yule. I recently bought a little Nikon S210 to use as a carry around camera. I persisted with it for a while but really hated the lack of responsiveness and also hated the shockingly poor menu system. It therefore went on ebay and with it now…


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  • Interesting that you should post this this week. I’ve just bought a Canon G9 (the G10 was out of my price range and the G9 has just halved in price) and also small Panasonic Lumix FX37 for a friend. The burning issue for her was size and weight (she is disabled). I’ve been most impressed with the G9 so far but we’ll see if I actually carry about the extra bulk. She seems chuffed with the Lumix but she only got it yesterday so we’ll see how that one pans out.

  • Matthew Boyle

    I agree dick, Amazon have it for just over 200 pounds. If the wide angle lens isn’t an important feature then that looks like a bargain. The optical viewfinder while basic, can be an absolute lifesaver in bright light. I have used the non-raw version the 10Mp G7 and have to say I loved it. Don’t you love the rotary dial.

  • Yes. I was particularly impressed by the amount you could do ‘in camera’. Have a look at this http://www.flickr.com/photos/dickedie/3131134269/ This has not been post processed in any way and is still ‘as shot’. I’m really looking forward to getting to grips with this over the next few weeks. I’m off to Jura tomorrow – have a great New Year.