Daily Archives: January 4, 2009

New Year is a Time for Review

I have been thinking about a question asked by Scott Bourne on the “This Week In Photography” blog recently. Scott asked us to reflect on the simple question, what was your best photograph last year? I think its a really helpful question since we spend so much time putting folders full of images on our…


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  • This is when you can be glad you have boys. Go buy a barbie and try to get it out of the package! No assembly required but painful in its own way. And girls can have hundreds of barbies. And barbie shoes. Trying to keep up with barbie shoes is like keeping up with crickets. I think I may have gone off topic a little. My girls are 18 and 20 but the memory of barbie lingers. Happy Birthday to your boys…such cuteness. Enjoy these days…it certainly does go way too fast.joyce’s last blog post..

  • Fra un paio di mesi avremo il nuovo papa, l’attuale sarà comunque un vescovo e cardinale della Chiesa, e di tante scemenze che si leggono in questi giorni non resterà nulla.Che spreco di tempo …