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26 Artists: Patrick William Adam

Patrick William Adam: John Miller Gray, 1850 – 1894. Art critic and first curator of the Scottish National Portrait Gallery1885 Born in Edinburgh Scotland in 1854, Patrick William Adam once said that he “was inspired to paint by the lush emerald landscapes of his homeland. The son of a well-known lawyer, Patrick chose a career…


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  • Hi Matthew,
    What a brilliant idea and I really like your first in this series. I love the lighting and the chiaroscuro effect on William’s profile, and the fall-off towards the bottom left. I like the rich tones and the bits of blue echoing his t-shirt pull it together well. A really lovely portrait…roll on ‘B’!!

  • Thanks again Julie, your observations are always so encouraging.

  • Very cool idea, Matthew! Look forward to the rest of the alphabet. Good Luck!

500D ISO 3200

I don’t often post party snaps, but these were from an evening with some fantastic colleagues, and grabbed with my 500D at ISO 3200. This is a sensitivity that I wouldn’t normally press into service on my 40 D, indeed I think it is an extended setting whereas Canon claim that the 3200 setting on…


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  • I’m interested to see what you think of the 500d long term. I’m thinking of an upgrade from my 400D and am not sure whether to go for the 50D or 500D – is the extra money really going to make that much difference? Canon seem to be bringing out upgrades every few months, so it may be better to hang fire a bit

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Mike Ritchie

This is Mike Ritchie. Mike is a Luthier (guitar maker if you must). This was taken yesterday in his workshop. Mike made my acoustic guitar 6 years ago and it is the most wonderful sounding guitar I have ever owned. Mike puts real passion and love into his guitars, and the results are really special….

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  • This is such a beautiful image Matthew – I am not surprised you wanted to keep the workshop in the frame. I’d LOVE a handmade guitar but think that will need to wait for a while!


Having a business meeting with me might just be becoming a dangerous activity now that my new but already trusty 500D has a berth in my work bag. The paperwork nailed, Roddy and I found a spot where my reflection wouldn’t appear in the windows of the car dealership where we met up. Using a…

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  • Fantastic work Matthew! I love that mono image with the reflection.


The merits of carrying my 500D and a fast 50mm f1.4 everywhere. These portraits took about 5 minutes to snatch from an otherwise non-photographic day.


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  • Great shots, Newhaven Lighthouse?

  • The very same Dick! I presume you know it well.

  • I’m both a bit of a lighthouse anorak and I was brought up about 500 yards from it for the first 10 years or so.

  • These are lovely Matthew…I especially like the second and third from the top images, very enigmatic, but they are all very beautiful.

  • I love these shots – especially 2 and 3. I love lighthouses too.

  • Bill Booz

    Matthew, just trying to catch up on your postings. For some reason my RSS reader is not picking up new postings of yours. Don’t know if you remember, but I followed you during your 100 Portraits project and found that very entertaining AND informative. I love your displaying the side head shots of Annie in the three different styles. It really makes one realize that an otherwise very similar pose can have quite a different effect even if all are posed the same way (and these, obviously, are not actually) but rendered in color, b&w, or sepia. I have gotten away from experimenting with b&w and have never really done anything in sepia, but your images are making me rethink that!

    Thanks, as always!

    Bill Booz
    Charlottesville, VA USA