Daily Archives: April 26, 2010

Ben Tianavaig descent

OK, I know the picture of the Trotternish Ridge and the Storr on Skye is a bit of a cliché, but who can resist. It was a bit grey and overcast, so increase contrast and black and white conversion focuses on what matters in this ridge; the prehistoric, folded landscape. For those who are interested,…


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  • Stunning shots. Are these using tone mapping (a recent addition to my skills)?

  • Thanks Dick, no tonemapping/HDR used. I used curves in lightroom and i’m fond of the “clarity control” to add a lot of mid-curve definition. I do enjoy HDR and these would have been interesting candidates, but lightroom is so good at pulling shadow detail out of an underexposed RAW that it it’s almost not worth the footer of multi exposures. As you know the 40D’s 6+ frames a second makes handheld triple exposures for HDR highly tempting. The 7D is apparently 8 per second. I’ll experiment with that soon.