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I’m never sure to what degree I want to say anything too personal on my photo-blog. The truth is that this hasn’t been a great year; my dad died this year and my poor mum is in care now as my dad was her full time carer, (she has dementia sadly). A dear friend and…

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  • Great images and commentary, Matthew! Enjoyed the “tour” of Malta. I especially like several of your shots of Julie. In particular, the one over lunch with the focus on eyelashes and the one with the great smile that is either b&w or sepia. Wonderful captures!

    I spent two weeks in France and Germany in July and we are headed for Portugal in September and I always struggle with shots I want to take that are not, as you say, cliche. It is tough, because one does always feel that one needs to capture the ‘documentary’ shots since this may be the only time one will see this spot. It is a struggle to do that AND to try and be creative. You have a nice variety and I do like the color shots of boats.