Daily Archives: September 5, 2010


Eva:     Brave, problem-solver and passionate reader. This is my lovely friend Eva from Poland. We finally got around to doing a long spoken about portrait on Thursday of last week. The sun was strong and bright and Eva had chosen a spot by the river near where she works. I decided to put…


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  • Eva

    as i said before-good photographer makes a good photos.Thank You Matthew for your effort to make me look pretty:).Seriously-i love the first one. Second one is very intresting- im not sure what is in my eyes:).Third one i like in black and white.

  • Julie

    Lovely photographs, all amazing but I prefer the creamtone out of your choice of two.

  • Jillian Blair

    Great shots:-) Eva is over joyed:-)

  • Jillian Blair

    Great Shots, Eva is over joyed:-)