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Dun na Cuaiche, Inveraray

This weekend Julie and I walked up to the lovely Dun na Cuaiche folly above Inveraray castle. At 248 m high, not a major hill-walk, but with our near-10 kilo baby, (yes really!) in a backpack carrier, it turns into some serious exercise. To my shame, despite visiting Inveraray for 8 years on a regular, (like twice weekly)…


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  • Dianne McGee

    Your first photograph from the folly is excellent, Matthew. I’ve always wanted to do that walk. Also like the photo of the dovecote.

  • Mary Gilies

    Really enjoyed viewing your portraits and reading about the people you photographed. What I was most ompressed with was the fact that you hadused some really interesting backgrounds for the portraits particularly those of Melanie where the scene behind said so much about her.

    Superb images , didn’t know you did this kind of photography.
    Thanks for telling me about your website, will pop in now and again to see and learn more about portrait work as I tend to go much closer for portraits.
    Regards Mary

  • Kees Slings

    Hi Matthew,
    I’ve never been up to the folly but have visited Inveraray and the castle a few times as a Scotland loving Dutchy. I didn’t know anything about the dovecot on the castle grounds until I read the first chapter in ‘The New Road’ by Scottish writer/journalist Neil Munro yesterday evening. An excellent beginning of what promises to be great historical novel. The dovecot figures in a gothic creepy crawly scene in which the main character and the castlekeeper’s daughter are holed up inside in the dark of night, when suddenly the door opens and an unseen figure stands in the dark doorway, breathing heavily and trying to sense their presence. Very suspenseful.
    I’m not a photographer but happened on your site googling the dovecot, the castle and the town itself. I’m very much into Scottish history and the town and castle are indeed the seat of the ancient Campbells, Dukes of Argyle, since the 18th century. The New Road is available 2nd hand on amazon.co.uk for one penny (plus GBP 4,02 dispatch) and another book of essays on Munro (Exploring new roads, essays on Neil Munro) has a cover that’s an exact replica of your vista picture of the town and Loch Fyne taken from the folly.
    kind regards,
    Kees Slings

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