Daily Archives: April 14, 2015

Oban With Tommy and Isobel

It was strange being in Oban last weekend. When we lived in Lochgilphead, Oban at the weekend was pretty much every second week as an activity. It has now been a year since we have been there, so it was great to have a wee visit for dinner and a swim with Grandpa for wee…


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  • long live print! good magazines are TREASURES because there are so few of them. there really is nothing like picking up an intelligent, inspiring magazine.dying over your skirt! and creepers! all of it.

  • “Jennifer’s live (sic) is not as frantic as her husbands”! (orangeville paper) What the heck? Jennifer is frantically supporting her husbands frantic life, for heavens sake!

  • MERYEM TURGUT diyor ki:1960 dogumluyum 1979 1980 1990 üç cocugum var 1997 calışmaya baÅŸladım 3500 günüm var cocuk borcunu bende ödeye bilirmiyim yada ne ne zaman emekli olurum

  • I think there is a deeper well of tolerance in the US. The settler colonial state is older and they already went through Slavery and Jim crow. Bull Connor was pushed aside by cultural forces. He still runs Israel. And Israel is far less tolerant of difference. Imagine the US Olympic team with no minorities. Impossible. Israel did it AND WON NO MEDALS