It’s been one of those days when it’s rained constantly in true west coast of Scotland style and so I wasn’t able to take any photographs even in passing. I have been busy preparing and printing cards for the 100 portraits exhibition which starts at the weekend so I hope you’ll settle for an old picture of a Crysanthemum to help us all think summer thoughts. Roll on the sunshine, I hear it will be a Tuesday this year:-)

Taken on my previous camera, my 400D, wide open at f2.8 on the Macro lens.


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  • That’s really thinking of the highest order

  • I would rank Blyleven-Schilling-Mussina-Morris, but a strong case can be made for all those guys. Schilling is buoyed by his postseason record, but at his peak (when he was on the Roger Clemens “workout regimen”) he was the most dominant out of this group. He doesn’t have an overwhelming win total, but his ERA, strikeouts and WHIP are pretty strong. The main thing is Blyleven not being in. That’s just a crime.

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