My music

I love all kinds of music, but  traditional music has always been special for me. The tradition of music and stories that has endured has done so because it has something unique and necessary to offer people who need to feel grounded in their culture. I also love to try different styles and occasionally write whatever comes out.

Here is a selection of songs from my You Tube channel:

Please feel free to download and listen to my older song recordings:

Note: Just click on the link to listen, but right click on a PC to get an option to download the song. Choose “Save link as”.

This is a song done with my friend Val Cadden.

She moved through the fair

These are my favourites from my previous music site which I took down to keep everything in one place.

My CD, Variorum content first.


The banks o’ the Nile (trad)

Carrickfergus (trad)

The Helmsdale plot (Boyle)

Independence day (Boyle)

Killoch Glen (Boyle)

Sir Patrick Spens (trad, arrangement Boyle)

The lea rig (Burns)

The quodlibet (Burns, arrangement Keith Morrison)

The trumpeter o’ Fyvie (trad)

East at Glendart, Brian o’ Lynn, pay the reckoning variations (trad)

The twa sisters (trad, arrangement Boyle)

O are ye sleepin Maggie (Tannahill)

And some more:

The sailor boy (trad)

Second sight (Keith Morrison)

The poachers (trad)

Perfect love (Boyle)

More to follow.


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