Sarah-Jane and Paul

Just before I went on holiday last week I met with one of my “100 portraits” subjects and her partner. Sarah Jane is expecting and wanted some pre-natal shots before the birth; I have to say I am extremely honoured to be asked and delighted that they are letting me post these for my blog readers to share.

Here are my two favourites of Sarah- Jane:


and one in colour to show Sarah-Jane’s lovely hair colour. I like the way she is looking into the frame and symbolically into the future…

Sarah-Jane 2

No couple’s maternity photograph is complete without a moment together. This baby is going to have two very loving parents.

Together 1

this one was just a kind of a fun afterthought by their window, but I love the genuine and relaxed moment as well as the closeness.

Together 2

Finally, Paul was I believe one of the men I wrote about during my 100 portraits project who declined to be photographed even though he was probably Sarah-Jane’s earliest choice; well good sport that he is he let me take just a few of him on his own:


He would have been a great addition to the project, but never mind, I got him in the end.

The baby will be due any day soon, and I’m sure everyone who sees this will wish them well.


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