Sorry for the week long absence of posts. I was attending (in fact speaking at!) an amazing conference in Toronto. I didn’t have much time for photography at all but I grabbed a few while my host was showing me around the city and taking me up the amazing CN Tower. If you read my blog you know I have no aspirations as a street or even architectural photographer, but I have done my best..honestly..

This is the view from the CN Tower, and it’s through smudged glass with the Sigma 10-20 wide zoom. Lens hood hard against the glass to cut reflections.

Toronto from the CN Tower

This is the tower itself:

CN Tower

The railway line coming out of the station. Nice to imagine this train heading north to the polar regions….

Toronto railway

Toronto is a supermodern city. This street scene gives a flavour of its wide roads and high rise surroundings:

Toronto street

And everywhere you turn a corner you might catch a glimpse of the 1/2 kilometre high sentinel that is the CN tower:

Across town to the CN tower

All my friends seem to love castles and old stone buildings with a passion. Me, I adore modern and Toronto does modern big style. I love the abstraction the glass and steel creates as it reflects the blue of the sky:

Toronto buildings

I’ll post some people pictures shortly from the trip.


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