Sorry for the posting delay. Truthfully there are up cycles and down cycles in any hobby, and I have been going through a bit of a “down-phase” recently. I thought I might start gently again with my second choice from Bethan’s shoot from my 100 portraits project last year. I didn’t do many pictures that didn’t have a full facial view, so this one was highly odd for me. It was in the botanic gardens in Glasgow.


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  • Matthew, I really like this one. It is tack sharp (something I notice I am having trouble achieving in my images) and very dramatic with the eyes so dominant. Yet, because of the slices of green, one can imagine that Bethan is behind a plant or has a scarf in front of her face. Very cool!

  • Hi Matthew, I had noticed that you hadn’t posted anything for a while.

    I too like this shot very much…you nailed the selective focus and DOF spot-on. The shot works very well because of Bethan’s dramatic eyes (nice catchlights!) and the slices of green add an air of mystery…wonderful!