Daily Archives: February 23, 2010

Orquestra Atipica de Edimburgo

This particularly great looking bunch of musicians spent some time with me on Sunday doing some photos for publicity. I had a great day with them and enjoyed Edinburgh on a beautiful bright February day. I loved photographing them and loved their willingness top trust me as I dragged them onto the monument at Calton…


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  • martin

    Looks great and I’m sure it was not cold at all way up there with just a shirt or dress on. The graffiti should go, get marigolds and cif and get back up there.

  • Good work, Matthew. Great colors and angles. Of the top group shots, I personally prefer the 2nd one down if you could copy James’ forward looking glance from #3 into #2. I like the “looking into the camera” approach than the ‘off to the distance’ one, except, in the 2nd B&W group shot where I think it works well. I also like the really ‘tight in’ head shot of James. Very cool! Haven’t shot a band or group like this yet, but keep offering to do so for band our son-on-law is in. Tough job.


  • Rosemary Stewart

    What lovely pictures of the Orquestra! You have really caught their characters – pity there is not a musical background as you scroll through!

    James’s Mother