Campbeltown Winter Night

I have recently been spending more time in Campbeltown. It is an interesting town, with a hill flanking it on one side, and a striking sea-loch on the other, despite these advantages, it is not  a pretty town in my view; that’s not to say anything negative about it, it simply feels like a real place that has evolved through industry and sea commerce. I have only begun to look at it through my camera and it’s an interesting and enjoyable experience. Both these shots were taken handheld with the incredible 7D at night in an attempt to capture the atmosphere of the place.

This is the little marina area in the bay in serious winter conditions, (in the coldest December on record).

This is the main street with it’s Christmas decorations from the sweet shop window. Amazingly that same day, well below zero, I saw a small child eating an ice cream cone; clearly even the children are tough in Campbeltown. The clock on the right is a real central feature of the town.

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  • L

    To be honest, M, ice cream is fantastic during the winter…that’s why there are street vendors in Russia all year round…it warms you up when the atmospheric temps are low!