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Canon S95 and Panasonic LX3

  This post starts with the confession that I have sold my lovely Panasonic LX3, written about in an earlier post. The LX3 is compact, has a decent sensor for a compact camera, slightly larger than average, and a sensible 10 megapixel file to achieve decent noise performance. Additionally the Leica badged lens, is well…

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  • Dick

    I’m having some fun with the LX3. I don’t use it much but I bought it because I’ve taken up cycle touring and was really worried about my precious DSLR bouncing about on the bike and the mirror getting shaken about. The LX3 is fine in the bar bag.

    I’m really happy with the quality but I have hit a brick wall about one point. My new PC is a 64 bit computer and Lumix RAW files are not supported on 64 bit. There will eventually be a solution to this but I may have to take jpegs meantime.