Charlotte and David’s wedding

I am delighted to finally post this set of pictures from David and Charlotte’s wedding. The wedding was on the 30th of September and I would have hoped to process and select the pictures within a week or so, but unfortunately I have moved house and into a painting, plastering and carpeting zone; finding time to work on pictures and paint in time for carpet-fitting has been a bit of a juggle.Anyway, all the time critical stuff is done and I can prioritise the photographs again and in nice surroundings with new carpets to boot. Lets start with the pre wedding relaxation at Mum’s house. Dad, Andrew patiently waiting for the dressing up and girlie preparations to be completed.



Mum, Trish relaxing while she can as well.Sporting her best Mona Lisa look.

Anyway, all this peaceful chilling-out is a mere preamble to the main item on the agenda, people, I give you the girlie preps:


Bridesmaid Kirsty:

You might recognise my special favourite helper Amber from the pre-shoot. Amber is in flower girl mode here.

And her sister Grace.

Bridesmaid Kathryn:

Bridesmaid Donna managing her stocks and shares as one of course must!

And the main actress in the girly preps, the bride Charlotte; check her lovely relaxed smile.

Some bride’s get treated to a visiting hairdresser, but poor Charlotte is a hairdresser and her sense of duty clearly trumped her sense of decadence. Who does half a dozen hairstyles just before their wedding? impressive!

I just love the rose in Donna’s hair.

Of course Donna helped with the hair too.

More pictures of the girls getting in the mood:

Charlotte and David’s daughter Katie prefers getting in the wedding mood the modern way; ipads are the only choice.

My colleague and friend Maggie comfortable in her casual togs, prior to the girly-dressing-thing that she was kind-of dreading…

and Maggie’s new hound, the gorgeous Shelby hoping the wedding will bring bones or other celebratory largesse.

Katie steps up the preparation pace, by taking her ipad to the dressing table, she really means business now..

Eventually there has to be a first all-scrubbed-polished and ready Princess, this time its Grace…

Get that dress..

Talking of striking outfits, isn’t Trisha’s amazing, just love that fascinator..

Kirsty modelling the amazing black bridesmaid’s dresses, very striking.

But speaking personally, seeing Maggie dressed up and girly, with good grace too, was a real highlight; Maggie looks great! (I had to tone down the red though as my Canon Sensor was totally saturated in the red channel, really).

Exhausted from all the hard work, cinderella finally gets that dress on, and isn’t it beautiful…

And talking of beautiful, Katie is all ready and dressed here too..

Oh, almost forgot, brother, David appeared looking the biz, no fuss, no hassle, i’m just saying….

Anyway, over to Helensburgh where groom David was all ready and looking great.

As was best man Ian..

Anyway, enough of the photographs, “I have a bride waiting”…

With the registrar at last.

All is ready.

David’s wait was not long, Charlotte arrives..

A quick moment with Dad.

But now, down to the happy business.

The ceremony over, many gathered friends and well-wishers delivered the traditional confetti, you would be amazed how many photos it takes to get one without confetti in front of the couple’s faces.

I know, it’s cheesy, but it’s fun as well, it could have been worse, look at the restraint I showed with Charlotte’s hair rose!

One happy bride, looking amazing.

Anyway, at this point, Charlotte’s plan A, the public park which I had recce’d earlier to scout locations, took a bit of a hit as the heavens opened up and the inevitable rain began, plan B was Gran’s house for the formals.

But plan B took a hammering too as the rain, turned particularly nasty, nothing like the traditional wedding-double-garage-waiting-ceremony:-)

The formals almost scuppered, the enterprising gentlemen present produced a plethora of brollies, and unorthodox or not, the show went on!

No brollies though for this posse of real men, unflinching but soaked, they really earn the right to sport sporrans here.

But, the rain got still heavier and plan D, subsection 4, paragraph C was executed, Gran’s house proper!

It was all short, sweet and fun, and I can’t resist saying that I hope David and Charlotte will take everything in their marriage as easily in their stride as they did little trials like rainstorms; good luck guys, and thanks for having me as your photographer, I had a lot of fun.
Charlotte’s friend Ashley kindly volunteered to assist me as it was impossible to use either of my previous assistants on a Friday due to their work commitments. Ashley did a great job and I was delighted to have her help, thanks so much Ashley.

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