It’s really interesting picking up on my 100-portraits project again. Innes is a case in point. There were about 6 or 7 distinct images that I could have chosen, and what absolutely amazes me is that I remember dismissing some of them back in 2008  and now that I’m looking again, I really like some that I didn’t think could cut-it given the embarrassment of riches that my shoot with Innes gave me. I remember dismissing this because the sunlight on the cable to the left of his head was totally distracting and I had been bitten a little by people giving me feedback on my 100-portraits project which frequently pointed out distractions in the image, (which I would usually crop out or remove). Now that I look again, this overly bright cable is eye catching, however, it is a leading-line to Innes’s face. His really bright eyed and slightly quirky expression don’t seem to be too mismatched with the odd “punctuation-mark” line next to him. It breaks the rules, but I just want to keep looking at it. I hope you like it.

The new version of Lightroom has pulled out so much more detail and balanced the highlights so much better than version 1 or 2 did at the time. Did I mention I love Lightroom? Did I mention I try to only use Lightroom and to avoid Photoshop totally now if possible? Perhaps I need to revisit that to stretch myself!



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