John Lewis cafe

HB and I were killing time in the Buchanan Galleries, and one of her pleasures is a babyccino while I have a cappuccino. We had a pleasant chat, she had a little game on my ipad, and then she got the much awaited babyccino. It came made beautifully by a lovely barista with lots of smooth foam and about 15, (HB and I counted), mini marshmallows. This picture was taken while she was demonstrating her unhappiness that her mum had gone solo shopping. (Don’t be too upset for her, it lasted until marshmallows and fruity bites arrived). I love this image because of the stillness and focus on her while the legs and people in motion behind the waist-height barrier create a feeling of a snatched moment. I also love the leading-lines of the table edges taking your eye approximately at least to HB. Finally I love the very transparent seat and background making HB seem improbably substantial against the almost invisible structures.


Here comes part 2 of the little story. HB loved the babyccino so much that she asked if she could have another. I handed her the money and asked if she would like to go on her own and ask the man if he would give her another babyccino please? Her little face lit up hugely, and off she went as proud as punch to be going like a big girl on her own to buy a drink. I watched her the whole way and there were two pleasures, one, her little happy “I am growing up walk”, two, the incredibly generous and sensitive treatment she received from the prince-among-men that was the barista; he was fantastic with her and she was so thrilled. Thank you to that man.

As a lesser issue, I love the colours and the slightly old-fashioned pastel tones. The lighting too is lovely; the reflection on the table is actually a soft leading line to the subject, looking back for reassurance as three year olds will.



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