Mike and Susie

This extremely nice man has in importance in my life that very few other men could ever have; Mike made both of my acoustic guitars and they are wonderful, powerful sounding instruments.  Last night I dropped my guitar off with him for a service at the beautiful Lake of Menteith, (Scotland’s only Lake!), and was delighted to meet Mike’s Fiancée, Susie. I had no plans to take any photographs, but imagine my delight when Mike took me up on my observation about the view of the Lake and how ideal it would be for a photograph of him. It turns out that Mike and Susie haven’t had many photos recently, so a 10 minute impromptu photo session ensued. The light was lovely and I happened to have my new and surprisingly compact Canon 100D with 24mm pancake lens in my bag.


Putting Mike and Susie with the light behind them, meant using fill flash. If this had been a planned session then I would have used a remote flash to bring a more “shaping” direction of light, however, the pop-up flash on the little DSLR did a great job of providing some controllable fill. I have been very impressed by the quality and versatility of this camera. When I sold my old 500D to get this, I wondered whether I would regret it, or find no difference at all; I am already noticing lots of things I really like and have no regrets at all. The touchscreen is excellent for a start; selecting a different focus point with the screen instead of the D-pad on the old 500D was more intuitive.

Anyway, photography really isn’t all about the kit, there is no nicer feeling for a portrait photographer than having people feeling relaxed in front of the camera. Mike and Susie are really lovely and I love these pictures of them.



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