Panasonic LX3 and noise

This is the view of the mountainous end of Mull from the coast opposite the Isle of Ulva.



As you know, I’m still evaluating my new LX3 and I’m finding it a rollercoaster experience. I’m generally very pleased with it, but every so often I remember that it has a tiny sensor compared to my Canon 40D and that no small sensor camera using current technology can deliver what a DSLR user expects in noise terms. This image was taken in low near-sunset light at ISO 200, I thought it looked a bit grainy and so I looked at 100%, result, noise and plenty of it. I increased exposure here by about 30% so I was emphasising noise, but even at that, I will be keeping a close eye on this, I hadn’t expected much at ISO 200. I’ll keep you posted. (This was from the RAW file!).

On a positive note, the handling of the “toys’r’us” controls hasn’t got in the way at all despite my earlier reservations; I still don’t think they compare to the Canon G7/9/10 controls, but they are quick enough in use. I like the camera a lot.


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