100 Portraits Reunited

After a mega busy week which has prevented me from posting here, I had  a particularly pleasant experience last night. Some of the people I photographed came together for a night in “Arta” in Glasgow’s Merchant City. It was great to see the people who came along and it really reminded me what a great experience the 100 portraits project was. If any of you are reading this, then thanks for coming, it was great to see you.

Oddly I decided that taking my camera wasn’t important and that I should just chat with people and enjoy their company without concentrating on taking pictures. At the end of the night however, I took just 4 snapshots. Not exactly dedicated photography! I’ll only post 1 picture. There are three people from 100 portraits in it; see if you can guess who. I’d like to thank Lisa in the foreground though who organised the venue.



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