What makes life fun, (or even bearable), is other people. I am always fascinated by the idea of talent, you know, people who are so effortlessly brilliant at something that they produce huge results and are totally energised by what they do. One such example is John, a colleague who is an elite class musician, a flautist as it happens, who now runs school music provision; John is simply the most stunning conductor of an orchestra, not to mention the most incredible motivator of young musicians that I have ever seen. I had the pleasure of watching his orchestra of  young musicians serving up a “menu” of musical ingredients to a stunned audience under his expert supervision. I couldn’t get close since I didn’t want to disturb the young audience’s enjoyment so these are 70-300 telephoto shots; not my usual thing. I just wanted you to see what a fantastic person this is who is developing and supporting the talent of others so effortlessly and who should be world famous for what he does. You might think I’m exaggarating, but you don’t:

a) Still have the finale of the firebird suite playing endlessly in your head.

b) Know what the young musicians said about how brilliantly John guides and supports them.

I wish you could have seen the performance, oh, and in case it isn’t obvious, he has a sense of humour too!

John Conducting

The "chef" serves up


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