Queen Elizabeth Forest Park walk

I went for a walk today in the Queen Elizabeth Forest near Aberfoyle in the Trossachs. I had my camera on my back but didn’t bother taking it out at all. The light was grey and flat, with a totally cloudy sky. The darkening effect of the forest adding to this meant that I couldn’t get inspired at all.  I was shamed by my wife who brought out her new Canon 1000d and started trying to take some pictures of nice colour contrasts that she saw in the foliage. I was suitably shamed and realised that I might have tried a little harder to find something interesting whatever the light. I put my macro lens on and homed in on a few little details that caught my eye.

I have no idea what this strange growth on a twig is, but it wasn’t a native part of the tree. It looked parasitic.

QEFP lichen

These tiny fronds were growing on a rock and seemed a little like a forest in miniature themselves.

QEFP ferns or mosses

This waterfall was at the beginning and the end of the loop that we walked. I had turned my nose up at it because “the light wasn’t interesting”. On the way back my spirit of photographic contrition made me have a go with my mini tripod on a rock despite the near twighlight conditions. I dont love the result, but at least it was a more honest effort from me.

QEFP waterfall

Moral of the story: Sometimes we can forget to make pictures for fun because the perfect setting or moment is not there. I won’t post these on my Flickr page, but they might interest a botanist at least.


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