Aberdeen Visit

I missed 2 days postings since I was in Aberdeen visiting my brother and sis-in-law. The first thing to say about that was that I should be drummed out of the photobloggers league; our excellent hosts arranged for us to go to see Heidi Talbot in a local venue and it was a superb gig (along with John McCusker and Boo Hewardine). The venue was intimate and nicely lit, so how annoyed was I when I realised that my Panasonic LX3 was in my brother’s house where I had shown them it before leaving it on a table. Argh! They say that the best camera you have is the one you carry with you, well I got out my 02 XDA orbit 2 (phone) with it’s 3 Mp camera built in. Let me tell you that this was as bad as no camera, the picture I got was only faintly recognisable as 3 human beings on a stage. Moral: carry a half decent camera everywhere with you.

Anyway, we visited the “Eslie the greater” stone circle in a stunning setting above Banchory. Here are a few pictures:

This is the “Eslie the greater” stone circle.

Eslie the greater stone circle

I’m afraid I made the guys pose while using the timer so that I could leap into the posefest!

Eslie circle posefest

Finally the incorrigible portraitist came out in me. I made my beloved Bruv and Sisylaw tough out the cold wind to indulge my need for a dramatic background romancefest:

Ken and Linda at Eslie circle 1

Just one more, I know it isn’t perfect, but I like this one with Linda’s eyes closed. I think I prefer the portrait format in compositional terms:

Ken and Linda at Eslie circle


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