Elliston Tower from Castle Semple Loch


I’m actually quite pleased with this one. Everyone has a favourite local landscape I’m sure and this is mine. This walk is perhaps 2 miles from where I live and although it’s accessible by (muddy) footpaths, it really is hidden away from the roads. The tower has a lot of different aspects and in fact we can see it from the other side from our house, but this is my favourite and I believe that this was the aspect that its original builders would have enjoyed. I have tried a number of times before to photograph it from this spot on the edge of the loch but the light has never been interesting enough or the sky flattering enough to do justice to this wonderful landscape. Well today the light and sky were better than I have been lucky enough to catch on this walk and so I feel I have finally captured it. If you are interested the Lochwinnoch bird sanctuary is centred around this little gem of a loch.


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