Daily Archives: June 4, 2009


This was my 2nd favourite shot from Jess’s session during my 100 portraits project. It was done in the cloisters at Glasgow University and provided my firstreal taste of deeply interesting light. I seek out side sources of light now if I can find them, but I was still learning then. This was at ISO…


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  • Hi Matthew,
    I really like this one of Jess…I remember the one you chose for 100 portraits had some distracting lights that you later removed. The connection between you and her during the photo-shoot is obvious in her eyes in this shot.

    I haven’t been doing much photography lately spring is a busy time down on t’farm! I have been invited to exhibit some of my photos at the “Foire des Cinema et Photographie” at Sainte Sévère, a village near me where the Jaques Tati film “Jour de Fête” was filmed in 1949.The lady who works at the Tourist office there is also a WWOOF (World-wide Work on Organic farms) host and I have my Flickr pages as my website. She saw my stuff, liked it and asked me to exhibit…she also asked me to exhibit later in the year at the tourist ofice!…How chuffed am I?!!!

    I have plans to do a series of photos of local people at work in the old crafts/trades of this area; and also, later in the year, the ” Cirque Bidon artistes back at their base, just up the road from me, practising their skills and acts, over winter.

    Lots of ideas…will I ever get round to it?!!

    Julie x

  • Julie, how fantastic to hear from you. I’m afraid you have triggered an extreme attack of flickr guilt. I haven’t even posted recently. I still love the flickr community, but as my work has kept me even busier recently I’ve found it easier to ration my time to my blog since that is a fairly one-way business; I simply post when I can. I had a quick look at your pages and was struck by two things:

    1. You were in Scotland and didn’t look me up, I would have loved to do your portrait. Maybe next time?
    2. The kittens are adorable. If you are reading this then go see them, Julie is an amazing photographer who has been someone I have learned from on flickr and particularly from some of her portraits.

    Julie, let me know about the exhibition, it sounds really exciting. The plan to photograph people at their work sounds even more exciting. Keep me posted?

    Vive la France! See you soon Julie.

    Matthew x