Sinfonia Dalriada

The wonderful presence of John Grant conducting a one-off performance of the magnificent Sinfonia Dalriada in Hermitage Academy in Helensburgh.


The hall was a little light and bland for photography so I tried to either get in close with my 70-300 or in this case use the glass surround on a balcony to add interest.


Good to see the first violinist concentrating on John’s vigorous direction!


Another shot of the baton-meister


The percussion section probably savouring the music.


Another study in concentration.


I love this violinists expression.


My favourite shot. I love the depth of the layered music stands leading into the musicians.


If ever a man looked like a great artist it’s this guy with the reflection in his glasses.


The background was so bland and colourless that I preferred to change the whole scene to monochrome to emphasise the curve of the brass section’s layout.


The curve again, this time in colour.


Starship commander anyone?_mg_8423

A priceless expression.



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