Where earth meets sky


My dad died on Friday night. On my way home from work, before it happened, I stopped to photograph this landscape. I know that every time I look at this image I’ll remember my dad and what happened on Friday. My dad was a good and kind man, who was flawed and challenged just like all of us. He put the best of his life into my brother and I. This picture will kind of stay with me now, that’s the power of photography; I hope I’ll be pleased about this image over the years.


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  • Very sorry to hear this Matthew, a hard time indeed. The picture is a beautiful reminder.

  • Lorr

    Words can seem crass at times like these, Matthew. It’s a wonderful picture, and I’m sure a fitting tribute to a lovely man. Embrace your memories of him – and allow yourself to go wherever your emotions want to take you. He’ll always be with you, part of you. Take care x

  • Lizzy

    words are indeed never easy at this time…
    What a beautiful breathtaking picture Matthew!
    this picture and your words combined brought more than a few tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing. The pink unifies the earth and the sky ..,. its like the passage of time when sometimes events, time, and feelings melt together…

    Lots of love my beautiful friend , and always here for you xx

  • Petrea

    I was just visiting the Argyll Rhapsody website and I saw a link to your name so I clicked on the link and saw your very beautiful picture of a tree standing strong and tall surrounded in a lovely wash of colours…what a lovely memory and association to have of your dad, you remember him fondly and thanks for sharing that with us all. So sorry to read your sad news.