The Viper Parade Rehearsal

Last Monday, following on from visiting Mike Ritchie at his guitar workshop in Fintry, I visited Mike with his band in a rehearsal studio in Glasgow.  The Viper Parade, like all bands rehearse in very photography unfriendly, windowless room. I used one flash on a stand which I moved around the room to introduce some drama to many of the pictures that the overhead domestic spotlights couldn’t deliver. The guys rehearsed and entertained me hugely while I tried not to get too much  in their way. (Thanks for the Tom Waits cover). I have mostly gone for black and white with some grain added as the colour cast from the mixed tungsten and flourescent lighting proved ugly. It’s a good technique for a rock band when rescuing poor light folks. Hopefully you will like the effect.

First the amazingly upbeat skins-man, Andy “breeks” Brand. He likes AC/DC apparently, that makes him very cool in my book.

And of course, Mike Ritchie, AKA Sean Hughes, comedian! (Anyone else think so)?

Betraying a shocking disloyalty here to the beautiful acoustic instruments he creates.

I have to admit though that telecasters are cool!

Introducing the other half of the solid-as-a-rock rythm and bass section, Andy, AKA Refugee.

Last but not least, lead guitarist Francisco Davidson. A guitar afficianado’s dream but a photographers’ nightmare. Dancing compulsively while playing guitar doesn’t lend itself to focus locking on eyes; I’m just saying…

Stick in, practice hard, and one day guys, you too might get to play in front of flourescent wall-lighters! Very hip!

Just to prove they were all in one room at the same time.

And the obligitary, the van is packed, “how about one for the road guys” shot. Identity parade anyone?

By this time I had broken their spirit and they had finally connected with the “posers within”…

I don’t think he actually smokes, the thought of that album cover just turned him into a “bad boy of rock” 🙂

Catch them somewhere if you can, watch their facebook page for gig info.


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