Anne at Craigendoran Pier

You might remember Anne from my recent posting of some pictures at her home. Anne needed some pictures for a magazine article about her, (she is a highly regarded  psychologist), and wanted them to place her at her home town by the Clyde. I was delighted to be asked as Anne had some pictures taken by the journal in question but wasn’t keen on them, it does rather ramp up the pressure on my pictures however.

The setting we chose was the old ruined pier near Anne’s home. Helensburgh, the Gareloch and the hills of Argyll are in the background. This picture was a candid one before we started photographing in earnest.

Anne doesn’t particularly like standing close to the waters edge, despite swimming being her favourite activity, so the post is a genuinely comforting prop. The old pier seems to scream out for an “antique” treatment;

This time a different angle, looking across the Clyde to Greenock. Once again I couldn’t resist a faded  look, to match the mood of this other part of the old pier. This is possibly my favourite picture from the session, it shows Anne being strong and confident, which is something I love in her.

I know, duotone again, it’s the pier, I can’t help it. No portraitist could dislike the juxtaposition of Anne’s lovely expression against the softly blurred, faded pier. If I’m not mistaken, there’s that confidence again!

This is an unusual one, and while I love it, it wasn’t the look that I was trying to achieve. Sometimes the accidents reveal something surprising or fun, so I have included this one. When we looked at the file on the camera back, I joked that we had accidentally produced a “Russian Bride” look; I’m not sure she’ll ever forgive me for that. It’s something about the downward cast of her head, that isn’t her usual mode.

Anyway, it’s a great portrait in my view, the light on the water and the interplay of the piers, with the stunning Argyll backdrop; Anne very much in her place.

As always, I hope Anne likes these.


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