Eva:     Brave, problem-solver and passionate reader.

This is my lovely friend Eva from Poland. We finally got around to doing a long spoken about portrait on Thursday of last week. The sun was strong and bright and Eva had chosen a spot by the river near where she works. I decided to put the exceptionally strong light behind Eva and to fill in her face with light from a remote flash on a stand to make it manageable for me.

This next one had no flash, and so Eva’s face is less detailed, but the backlit and low contrast effect is really nice anyway.

Flash again, and Eva looking really relaxed. I couldn’t decide whether to use this in colour, or in “creamtone” black and white, so I have taken the unusual step of posting both versions. Please let me know which one you prefer?

Just for a change folks, all these favourites on my 50mm f1.4. I’m in danger of doing what the orthodoxy suggests for portraits.


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  • Eva

    as i said before-good photographer makes a good photos.Thank You Matthew for your effort to make me look pretty:).Seriously-i love the first one. Second one is very intresting- im not sure what is in my eyes:).Third one i like in black and white.

  • Julie

    Lovely photographs, all amazing but I prefer the creamtone out of your choice of two.

  • Jillian Blair

    Great shots:-) Eva is over joyed:-)

  • Jillian Blair

    Great Shots, Eva is over joyed:-)