The Glasgow Bridges

Today I was in Glasgow shopping of all mundane things. The value of my S95 couldn’t have been more apparent since I was not intending to take pictures, but I had taken the S95 in my inside pocket. (It’s that small). There was freezing fog everywhere, and it looked bleak and uninteresting. Suddenly I emerged near the Clyde and saw this lovely light piercing the mists. Enter the little chap with it’s compact convenience!

This is the view of the railway bridges over the Clyde into Central Station from the “Glasgow Bridge”.

This is from a similar viewpoint, but a telephoto image to pick out the silhouettes of the railway pylons. The damp wall of the bridge works well in the low glancing light.

Same again here. Look at the sunbeam below the bridges; amazing.

I would like my thanks to be noted for the birds who performed so wonderfully in this image.

I’m not so sure about this one, the wall splits it a little too centrally although the bus adds context and reality.

Two black and white bridge details exploiting the soft, low contrast light.

They say the best camera you have is the one you have with you. The S95 was a better than basic choice for me, this cyclist’s camera phone was his best available choice.

I really like the S95.

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