For Dear Life

I have decided to have a go at photographing a tree for round one of a photographic magazine’s contest. Truthfully I have always commented on how hard I think trees are to photograph. Getting good contrast between green and brown trees and green and brown backgrounds can be challenging. I have had a few successes, but the fact that I can pretty much remember them all tells its own story!

I took a walk today to the West Highland Way around Carbeth with a view of Dumgoyne and Dumfoyne on the end of the Campsies. I was reminded of my friend Martin’s comments that “using your feet” is a critical part of photography. I strolled around for about an hour trying different angles to try to fit the tree and Dumgoyne peak and get a leading line from the crag edge to the tree. (Actually, I wanted to be 1 metre to the right, with the lens a little wider, but found I couldn’t float mid-air). Anyway, I had my tripod, but couldn’t erect it here, as I was balancing on a precarious edge.

That makes two postings in a row with my Sigma 10-20 lens; anyone would think I liked landscapes.

If anyone out there would like a portrait done, please contact me. My Sigma 28 and I need to get back to doing our thing. Seriously, I need to do some portraits!


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