Michael Curley

This is a picture I have wanted to take for a long time. Michael is a busy man, running one of the best deli-restaurants that you could ever visit means he literally struggles to get a minute away from his customers. Today he gave me 10, and I am so pleased he did. Here is Michael in the deli that he and his wife Anna have made into something really special.

Not only is Michael really demanding about standards, and rightly proud of his staff and his food, but he is something of a local character, raconteur, and benefactor too. A visit to the deli will often make people’s day as Michael takes an interest in them and exchanges a few thoughts in the old style of shopkeepers who know their customers and contribute to the community. I understand that Michael has taken an interest in local charities as well.

Go and see him, and have something nice to eat, trust me, they do everything!



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