Harvie and Phil’s wedding

Well, the day of Phil and Harvie’s wedding finally dawned last week, and for much of the morning the weather hung in the balance between dry and rainy. This photograph of Stonefield Castle Hotel where the wedding was being held gives you a clue as to the weather conditions that prevailed; yes it rained all throughout the day!

However, a wedding isn’t all about outdoor photos, it’s about bringing people together, and this is the wedding room that the day centred around.

Come 3pm with the skirl of the pipes wafting through the hotel, Harvie awaits his bride supported by his close supporters and best man.

I’m no expert, but this guy sounded seriously good.

Meanwhile Phil, was getting ready with the help of her sister and bridesmaid Gerry. I love her hair and the detail of her dress in this one.

Gerry looking beautiful in her amazing complementary dress with the same features as the bride’s.

These two dresses are so perfect together. (Actually the sisters kind of match too).

Phil’s support was made complete by her son Frank. I love the obvious pride and affection in this one.




With only minutes to go till the happy event, Harvie and best man Ian are relaxed and looking great.


But the bride’s arrival showed everyone just what looking great is all about. Phil looked radiant as she arrived in the wedding room.

Harvie’s facial expression says that he knows just how gorgeous Phil is…

And finally, in front of their friends and family, the registrar helps them to make their pledges.



Happily married, and celebrating it with a kiss. let me tell you this was a crowd pleasing moment and those in the room with cameras were delighted by it’s length:-)

I commented before on how much in love Phil and Harvie are. This picture just shows again how they can hardly stop themselves from looking delighted when they are together.


However, joy is only complete when it’s shared, and that’s what good friends are for.



And family of course.

Talking of family, here’s one of Phil’s son Frank and his partner Pamela taken while we were doing the formals at Phil’s request.

And one of Harvie’s daughter Natalie with Gavin and granddaughter Rebecca

The rain limited our outdoor photography options, but this chair provided some interesting indoor ones.

And here is Gerald with Gerry and Phil.

This one is a wedding cliché of course, but it takes nothing away from the fact that Phil and Harvie are an amazing couple and their closeness is what you see, and the cliché’s don’t distract at all.


Technically this one isn’t pin sharp, but was a telephoto shot of Phil and Harvie walking in for their reception meal behind their piper. I see this as such a happy and joyful image capturing a wonderful moment in their special day. Look at the smiles to see how brilliant an arrival this was.

After the long walk to the top-table, we finally have our happy bride presiding. Harvie is just standing to speak behind her here.

And here he is delivering that speech, telling of their romance, while still making us laugh and smile. I love the green curtains against Harvie’s blue tie.

Of course the main attraction is always the best man’s speech. Ian delivered just the right balance and had the whole room eating out of his hand.

All this joy is about family, and what symbolises that better than the only baby present, Harvie’s beautiful granddaughter.

After the wonderful meal, the first dance is the perfect way to start the evening. The couple are as lost in one another in dance as they are in everything that brings them close.

These are just a flavour of the pictures from the day. The rain outside made no difference to a wonderful wedding inside, and I feel privileged to have been part of it and look forward to photographing Phil and Harvie again.
Just for the real wedding enthusiasts, here are some shots of Harvie and Phil’s guests.
And finally, one of everyone.
Well that’s my first wedding over. I do regret the rain and the lack of opportunity to do a romantic outdoor picture with Phil and Harvie, but we made the best of the indoor-only setting and had a really wonderful day. My immense thanks go to my assistant for the day, Wendy, without whom the pictures would have been dull, flat and lifeless. When you are working indoors in particular, interesting light is hard to come-by, and you have to make your own with remote flash. It is really important that the remote flash is held in the right place to provide fill for eyes, and an interesting angle of light to approximate something like window-light, and all of this has to be done without tripping over the guests and in something like telepathic communication with the main photographer. Wendy and I had practice together in the recent “Emma and friends” shoot, and it really stood us in good stead for the wedding. I really appreciated the help Wendy, thanks.
That’s all for now folks.

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