Tayvallich Slipway


Fourth cycle in a row of Sundays, nothing dramatic, but 23 honest miles among fairly quiet single track roads with some beautiful edge-of-the-Atlantic Mid-Argyll scenery. During my 5 minutes at the end of my ride in Tayvallich, this kind gentleman was towing his boat out of the loch with a handsome and clearly well loved tractor. We had one of those moments when I shouted to ask if I could photograph him, and he reluctantly but graciously obliged. This resulted in me trying to haul my little S95 out of my pocket while hauling my bike out of the way and finding that my waist elastic was caught under my brake cable. I took one shot and spent 5 seconds framing the image as best I could.

Anyway this is my way of explaining the obvious fault in this otherwise really interesting image. Can you see this photographer’s blunder?


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