My Beautiful Bike


Another Sunday run today. (30 miles in case anyone cares). At the turning point I pulled my Gorrillapod out and shoved it on a rock with my trusty S95 on it and set it to auto and self timer, leapt in front and grabbed my bike for a fun self-portrait. The pose is probably because I recently looked at one of my favourite cyclist’s, (Victoria Pendleton’s),  portrait with her under a bridge holding her track-sprint-bike like this. Anyway, Vicky Pendleton is a sport goddess in my view and I’m an unfit plodder, unworthy to even consider holding my bike in mimickry of her pose. I want to draw people’s attention to the failings of automatic mode again. The camera here seems to have treated the difficult backlit scene as a landscape, where an intelligent photographer would have tried a little fill flash to lighten the subject’s face. No flash fired in this case!

Paps of Jura in the background.


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