Martin and Moira pre-shoot

This evening I had the pleasure of photographing these lovely people as they are getting married on Thursday (2 days time) and I have the pleasant task of photographing the wedding. It is always best to try and meet for a more relaxed preshoot to get to know each other a little and to try out some pictures together with no real pressure; if this goes well then the wedding day can feel more relaxed for everyone as you no longer have the uncomfortable feeling that the photographer is a complete stranger who might not care about your pictures! We had planned to go to a nice local spot, but the Argyll rain put paid to that, and plan B was implemented. (Staying in Moira’s house for the shoot). This first picture is of Martin and Moira with Moira’s beautiful daughters Meave and Nairne. It’s easy to see that Martin is going to be made to feel very welcome in this family!

This one is of Moira showing her ever present smile. This dress is gorgeous, but I can’t wait for Thursday to see her wedding dress.

Meave kindly tolerated a few solo photos. She is the most lovely natured girl and was just a pleasure to talk to. She is naturally very excited about Thursday! Did I mention that the wedding will be at home, with Martin and Moira’s families coming together for a simple ceremony in the garden; the kids are going to have a huge and very personal role in the day.

And now one of Nairne who has just amazing eyes and another huge smile! Now, where can she have inherited that from? I really enjoyed chatting with Nairne about reading in particular, and her current enthusiasm for the “Hunger Games” may just have persuaded me to add it to my summer reading list.

And here is the lucky man himself. Martin was as warm and pleasant a host as you could hope to meet, and I think this image of him pretty much reflects his charming and engaging nature.

One of the nicest things about doing couples photography is the privilege of catching moments like this; think of it as a rehearsal for Thursday if you will, but it was quite spontaneous for Martin and Moira!

These two images captured how together Martin and Moira are, I couldn’t choose a favourite, so you’ll just have to see them both; I just love these.


Julie kindly assisted, as she will for the wedding, and she was delighted by the “HMV” gramophone. She suggested this image and we both felt a little “yesteryear” processing would give us a fun image.

And finally, pushing the low light capabilities even of the Canon 5D Mk2, we had one last playful shot with natural light only, (of which there was very little in the Argyll monsoon outside), in a favourite spot in the kitchen. The light that was coming in from a window to the left of the image was very diffuse and really picked out the green of Moira’s dress as well as the soft blue in Martin’s shirt. We tried a few with soft flash through brolly, but although that allowed a lower ISO and less graininess, the shaping and warmth of the natural light alone made a more warm and engaging image.

We had a really fun time meeting you guys, and we can’t wait till Thursday to play a little part in your special day.


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