Liane and Marina

Well guess who is going to be lucky enough to photograph this lovely couple’s wedding soon. What, you don’t need three guesses? You’re no fun! Liane and Marina are an Edinburgh couple, although they currently have to spend a lot of time in London. I think that’s why really treasure time back in Edinburgh. This weekend I went to meet them and to do a preshoot with them. As you can tell I had great fun and liked them immensely; we laughed a fair bit, and I always think that’s how a good shoot should be.


I started with a few shots of each of the girls, just to get them in the mood for photo’s (actually to get them used to me pointing a Canon 5D at them with intent!). Both girls had amazing eyes, and with very different colours. Liane’s eyes just pop in this picture.


And again, see what I mean!


This one brings out a real impish, wicked quality in Liane. (I’m sure she is only ever angelic of course). The splash of light on the wall behind just accentuates the amazing curve of her eyebrows. I really love everything about this one from the natural vignette of the lighting to the relaxed intensity of Liane’s expression.


Now, did I mention eye colours. Check Marina’s baby-blues here. Wow!


I just love Marina’s sense of style. She strikes me as having a sort of classic beauty, almost like a leading lady in a 40’s film. (if they were in colour).


Sometimes the picture just does the waxing-lyrical for you:


Anyway, this was a couple shoot, so now fully relaxed with my camera, we got down to it. These guys are just so lovely together and so complementary in personalities. Their expressions here perfectly capture their personalities with me all afternoon:


When they were close they just seemed so right for each other. It was a real privilege to try to capture something of their closeness:


There was a plan to have the equally lovely Talullah in the pictures, but cats just never do what you want, unless clawed backs are your thing. I love cats actually and she is a real cutie, but not so keen on photoboy!


So “catogrophy” abandoned, it’s back to the sheer cuteness of a couple in love:


From a photography point of view, you have to adore the shockfest-of-wonderful hair that both Liane and Marina bring to the shoot:


Here we moved out of their flat, and on to a very cold, windy Calton hill. I can’t tell you how much I love their eyes together in the diffuse cloudy daylight here:


I should also mention my gratitude for their friend, my namesake, Matt, who helped me by holding a flashgun for me in most of the outdoor shots to ensure that colours popped and eyes had catchlights. This one is looking out to the river Forth. Aren’t they stunning against this background!


This one made me laugh at myself. (Sadly Liane, Marina and Matt all laughed at me too!). If I have ever photographed you you will know that there is often a little moment in one of my shoots when I get carried away with the excitement of some seemingly little detail. In this one it was Marina leaning forward into Liane while the strong wind blew her skirt backward making a pretty “little girl” pose. I was very tickled and may have briefly gushed (but in a very tough and manly way readers, let me assure you). Again, check the lighting on Liane’s eyes and eyebrows. There are almost too many good things about this couple to gush about! (not that I would, mumble mumble…)


Liane loves Architecture. I love people, however where the architecture is a bit special I am willing to step back and widen my lens a bit. I love that this sets Liane and Marina so clearly against an Edinburgh Icon.


That’s Leith and the Forth in the background, not that anyone will notice or care!


How could anyone not love Liane’s facial expression here. Roll on the wedding!


Non photographers might not notice the incidence of serendipity here that makes me so so happy. An already beautiful couple here are just rendered irresistible by the almost mirrored curve of the zig-zag of the strand of Marina’s hair andLiane’s  eyebrows. Wow, wow, wow… and talking of eyes…


This one is less playful somehow, perhaps a little more of a statement moment. Full of assertion and confidence. I would love to come and photograph them again in that same place in 20 years…




Thanks for sharing the afternoon with me guys. Despite the shockingly cold and miserable photo-conditions, I had a great time and enjoyed getting to know you a little bit. See you soon.

Thanks again Matt.



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