HB dozing with headphones


HB’s mum bought her these very pink (volume limited) headphones for a Christmas present. Tonight I did the bedtime story and then I allowed her to listen to her beloved Disney Frozen for the first time (no pun intended for other Frozen fatigued parents) on her Tesco Hudl tablet. When I checked after the usual two “dad I need (insert manufactured child put-off-sleep-need here) calls, and moved to the I’ll check on you in 5 then the music goes off” visits, this was the sleeping image I found…


My new 40mm f2.8 pancake lens was on my carry-around 500D body so I crept in in nightlight conditions, set the controls to the artificially boosted ISO 12800 to get 1/25th of a second handheld. The fact that the centre spot actually focus-locked in such low light amazed me! Anyway, a three minute adjustment and noise reduction session in Lightroom and here it is!

When I did this I was 9 years old, (she isn’t quite 3), and I was listening to radio Luxembourg!


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