Birthday Girl


Today was a certain young lady’s birthday. HB turned 3 and had the obligatory party at a soft play centre. I was naturally tasked with taking some pictures and thankfully brought my full frame 5D along with me. The room that they had provided for the kids, had no windows and just bare strip-lights on the ceiling; as a result shadows were cast on little-ones faces and the sheer light levels were very low. ISO 3200 got me 1/40th of a second! I had my Canon Speedlight 580 on the hot-shoe so it froze the motion and filled potential facial shadows.

Ice-cream with “hundreds and thousands” held her still for just long enough to get a shot. She wasn’t very photographically co-operative today and as a result I got very few sharp pictures of her; it was her special day however so that means that this has to be today’s image.

ISO 3200 is not significantly noisy on the 5D mk2. Horses-for-courses indeed!


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