Blowy Julie


Another from the weekend birthday celebrations. Julie kindly took two of the cherubs into a rather bizarre machine which purports to let you experience a “Hurricane” or some similar big wind! The cherubs were desperate for a go, coin inserted, wind starts, cherubs panic big style and exit stage left. Julie left behind perspex wondering why she is in a machine that she doesn’t want to be in!

The answer of course would be the same reason that she sits watching “Strawberry Shortcake” or similar long after the cherub has lured her into that trap then wandered off as usual!

Anyway, this is a backlit box and my attempt at a photo produced a black cardboard-cutout Julie. The answer was my hotshoe mounted flash as I had no other source at short notice; as you can see the perspex has reflected a fair amount of it and I therefore had to do a lot of contrast work to remove the distracting perspex “filter”. The result is more fun than Julie was having!


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