This is a picture of Gillian from my 100 portraits project taken in the “beanscene” cafe in Kelvingrove in Glasgow. It was not one of my more skilful shoots as I used too large an aperture to get two sharp eyes in every image. Generally though there were enough sharp to have a few choices. This one was great fun to revisit and process, as I love the soft and natural window-light on Gillian. I slightly exaggerated this with a grad filter tool to darken the left of the image. I desaturated the colours just a little as Gillian’s red cardigan distracted the eye too much from her face. Having desaturated I did something I almost never do to an image, and I darkened Gillian’s mouth a tiny bit to restore definition using the brush tool on a “dodge” setting. Finally I added my addiction of vignetting and straightened the picture frame a few degrees.


Hope you like it!


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