Jet trail


I didn’t spot this photographic opportunity, my 3-year old daughter did. We were playing and walking in Barshaw Park Paisley today, when she got excited by the “line that was drawing”. I realised immediately that the jet trail contrasted in its linear neatness with the organic trees. Realising that the park offered no foreground interest, I exposed for the sky and the jet trail knowing that it would make a silhouette of the trees and house. I didn’t like the complete blackness, as it begged the question, “where to crop the bottom of the silhouette”? I used the brush tool set on dodge (lighted) to bring back a hint of foreground detail without leaving enough to distract. What it now hints at may be more intriguing than what is there!

The trail itself was very beautiful and I suppose it is sad that the water vapour that we see in the trail is the safest part of the exhaust of a jet engine in terms of the environment!


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