I have wanted to photograph Heather for a long time, but for some reason whenever we are around her there is always something else that takes priority, like family pictures or couple pictures or similar! On Easter Sunday we were walking back from Leith’s favourite cakery, we were in no rush and the sun was out and lovely. Heather agreed to let me take a few pictures and I was a happy photographer indeed!


I was naturally keen to put the sun behind Heather and it has worked its rim-lighting magic. Even the basic pop-up flash built into your camera is good enough at close range to light your subject’s face. It is an amazingly easy trick but so counter intuitive for inexperienced photographers. Too often people believe that you should let the sun light up your subject’s face resulting in the classic squint and runny eyes if you persist. I used to do it too!


Heather is a very warm and intensely funny person. I like that these pictures capture at least a little of this!


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