Welcome to my new site

I am really excited to post my new website. My previous website was really more of a “blogsite” with some galleries and pages bolted on. I am delighted to have a place now that allows my images to be featured, with galleries easily accessed and my blog/journal still central to my online photo presence. The problem with a blogsite, is that it may be full of lovely images, but users have to dig a fair bit to find them unless they are in the most recent posts. The new site will bring a lot more images to the forefront.

Additionally, modern websites are viewed more on phone screens than on laptops and fixed computer screens. A result of this is that photo websites have to serve different layouts and different image sizes to whichever screen a user is viewing on. The new Prophoto 6 site that this is built with, gives me the ability to do that.  Google apparently take this into account in giving your website a page ranking. So if you are reading this Larry and Sergey, (Google’s founders), I’m sorted.

I hope you enjoy visiting and looking at my portraits (and other images) as much as I enjoy making them. Please visit again.

old and new sites on a phone screen. Note the tiny menu items across the top; not ideal for finger touches:


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