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Guest Post: Wendy Gilmour

I’m very honoured to be invited to post on Matthew’s blog, although I feel I’m maybe defacing it in some small way with less than perfect portraits! A couple of weeks ago I assisted Matthew while he photographed Emma, Alison and Shona, three lovely girls who were thankfully very friendly, patient and obliging! It was…


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  • SÃ¥ flott Y innlegg! Ã…h det finnes sÃ¥ mye vakre statuer, og haugevis av de er i Bergen ser det ut for. Det første bildet ditt er utrolig nYdelig! I dag er jeg helt fantasiløs, sÃ¥ du finner ikke noe innlegg hos meg pÃ¥ Y – jeg er tilbake pÃ¥ Z – helt sikkert 🙂 Ha en fin helg!

  • i dont know what samlc is talkin bout but a gtx 460 with mid resolution should easily run at med/high custom settings, but you’ll need more ram and the cpu might bottleneck the gpu so med/low custom setting should work with what you got you dont need an i5 or i7 they are a waste of money if you ask me, the phenom ii x6/x4 is just about as good, i mean yeah its a tad slower buy that tad isnt worth another $100-$150 amd’s are the absolute best choice for the price/performance intel is