I know it’s a little pathetic, but I’m very fond of our little cat, Pepsi. Like all cats, she’s a little selfish and wicked, but she’s also very affectionate (when it suits her). The problem is twofold, she won’t look at a camera, no seriously she won’t, and she’s so black that you need just the right lighting. Black cats just reflect the light if it’s too bright like a flash, if the light is too low then the picture is just a black shape. Yesterday I noticed that the sunbeam she was standing in was giving the right amount of soft light, and my LX3 was at hand. I tricked her into looking at me, brought the Panny up close and luckily she looked at me just long enough for the autofocus to work. I then tried for a full 5 minutes to get her to look at me again but as soon as the camera pointed at her she would look at her paws or anywhere else. Any cat psychologists know why she does this? Do cats believe we’re stealing their souls?


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