Great Glen Way 3

Day 5 had us climbing steeply up to about 300 metres with occasional views back along Loch Ness. This was my favourite landscape of the whole walk and it needed my 70-300mm lens to pick it out. The path has a lot of forestry and it is difficult to get a clear, unobstructed view, but leaving the path and climbing a little with a long lens rewards you with this kind of perspective. I give you the Great Glen!

The misty flat light left me tweaking in “lightroom”.


This nice little pottery caught my eye. Catherine bought some pottery. (You know how a pack always needs some stoneware in it for ballast)!


Day 6 takes you out of Drumnadrochit and into the final 18 mile stretch before Inverness. The first mile lets you have a look at Urquart Castle and if you have a long lens it also lets you photograph it. Again, getting a clear sighting between branches requires telephoto.


Here’s another view of the tireless trio far above the lochside.


This stretch of the forestry trail becomes very open. This tree therefore stood out for me:


The Foreign Legion didn’t march on photography however, food was demanded! “Enough of your stupid landscapes, break out the chocolate”:


Just as well to be well fed. The road goes ever onward on day 6. This high moorland is never seen when travelling by car:


The final miles before Inverness take you through some beautiful forest. With the low sunshine we all felt that it was enchanted in appearance:


Finally after 7pm on a Saturday night we strode proudly limped into the castle grounds where the following sign marks the end. Self timer on a fencepost with pop-up flash to fight the backlighting. Camera in Programme mode for a change. Guess who the gorilla on the right is?


The city looked lovely:


So there we are, I took 270 pictures and I have only shown you my favourites in the last 3 posts. Although we had no rain, we did have a lot of misty grey weather when I missed some photo opportunities, however, as always I did what I could. If you are thinking about walking the Great Glen way then I’m sure you’ll enjoy it as much as we did. The bed and breakfasts and hotels that we stayed in were really friendly and the standard of food and service was excellent overall.

Our favourite meal was in the Fiddlers in Drumnadrochit.

Our favourite B & B was Lorien House where David and Sarah are totally geared up for looking after you on the way. They were brilliant hosts!

That’s all folks.


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